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Billionaire: Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz and driver Vitantonio Liuzzi Mixed with vodka, it has become a staple of the student and twenty-something hard-drinking crowd - an ideal way to keep partying longer and harder.Indeed, in a devastating analysis of Britain's binge-drinking epidemic, Chief Constable Stephen Otter, head of the Devon and Cornwall police, found that the typical consumption for a young British woman on a night out was eight vodka and Red Bull cocktails.Popular with the young: Red Bull is perceived as cool But so it transpired recently when Miss Ward hit the headlines by banning her pupils from drinking the caffeine-based Red Bull.

And the real trouble, say experts, is that mixing caffeine, a stimulant, with alcohol, a depressant, is like getting into a car and applying the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time. So they get hurt - or they hurt someone else.' Indeed, as we shall see, her research makes a direct causal link between Red Bull and the sort of binge-drinking mayhem on many British High Streets each weekend.

'The symptoms of drunkenness are reduced - but not the drunkenness itself,' says Professor Mary Claire O'Brien, an American doctor, whose research into the subject was recently published. Most shockingly of all, she claims that women who go on a vodka and Red Bull drinking session are twice as likely to be taken advantage of sexually as those who drink vodka on its own. Could a drink that is ruthlessly targeted at young thrill-seekers, and which increasing numbers of children consume in school playgrounds along with their packed lunches, also be a contributory factor to the violent, anti-social and dangerous behaviour that characterises Britain's binge-drinking epidemic? To understand the controversy surrounding Red Bull, it is first necessary to understand the product.

Based on a little-known Thai 'health' drink, popular with long-distance truck drivers, it was stumbled upon in the early Eighties by Dietrich Mateschitz, the marketing director of an Austrian toothpaste company.

And it's not just Chatsmore Catholic High that's having a dig. A spate of medical studies have also highlighted potential problems.

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Red Bull has been banned from sale in Norway, Denmark, Uruguay and Iceland, while health departments in France, Ireland, Turkey, Sweden and the U. But what is perhaps most relevant to 21st-century Britain is the role of Red Bull in our binge-drinking culture.'Some are coming in later than they should do.' Strong words - and ones that the drink's manufacturer does not want to hear.

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