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Common abbreviations: DSS (Dea Sea Scrolls); mss (manuscripts); NT (New Testament); OT (Old Testament/Tanach); ANE (Ancient New East).

The study is shallow indeed to conclude that Origen rivals Eusebius as one of the worst heretics in church history.

Origen of Alexandria, (185-254 AD), ranks very high on history's all time list of great HERETICS. So when you ever hear someone who would dare to appeal to the work of either Origen, or Eusebius, in a positive way, you better watch out for some lies and/or heresy coming at you. Small wonder why he is held in high esteem by the final batch of antinomian heretics.

If the reader desires more in depth information concerning Bible issues, manuscript evidence, and the integrity of the King James Version, the following books are recommended. We should also know about Origen's top student, Eusebius, who was Constantine's court theologian.

Ruckman, THE CHRISTIAN'S HANDBOOK OF MANUSCRIPT EVIDENCE. The principle Alexandrian texts are spurious at best, Satanic perversions at worst.

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This Egyptian ruler supposedly asked them a number of questions related to pagan philosophy and pagan theology. It omits Genesis -17; 15:1-6, 16-19, 16:6-10, Leviticus -23, 1 Samuel -14:9, 1 Kings 3-6 and Psalms -. ONLY ONE English Bible comes from the Antioch line, and gold star to you if you guessed The KJV Holy Bible.

Samuel Gipp - The LXX is nothing more than a figment of someones imagination. Vaticanus was found stuffed in the Vatican library where it had been for 1500 years. That was part of the reason it was found to be in such condition because of lack of use.