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09-Dec-2017 21:55

Please write the details of Pam Dawber's obit here.Please also tell us as much as you can about the biography stuff below.We post the wrong photo on Facebook or Twitter and realize it when we wake up the next day after it's already been shared 50 times. We stare at our inbox after sending an important email and wonder why the person hasn't responded in two hours.If you're feeling this pain, you might be suffering from a new trend that I like to call "Social Media Anxiety Disorder." If so, take a deep breath and know that you're not alone.Christina and her daughter Arianna weren't on the same digital page about matters of the heart and email response time. When you add matters of the heart to the equation, everything becomes exaggerated. What should you do if you can relate to any of the above issues?Drive-by breakups via email and text are becoming more common every day. Remember that no text is worth dying for, so please don't Tweet and drive.We often assume they're either ignoring us or are mad at us.More often than not, people are just busy and can't always get back to you in a digital minute. Some of these will make you stop and take a digital moment to pause.

Take a deep breath when you're feeling anxious, turn off your computer, and take a walk without your smart phone. Please also tell us as much as you can about the biography stuff below.