Hyper dating websites

06-Jun-2017 12:25

Snap Interactive Inc., the makers of Are You Interested, a dating app that has a Facebook component, has seen its stock have a wild ride after Bloomberg ran an admiring profile noting that it was adding more users per day than Its share price has grown more than sixfold since last month, although concerns about the app’s real value remain.Only a slightly higher number met in bars, and the biggest proportion met through friends.The complaints about dating websites, however, are persistent, and written about at length in this week’s .Zoosk, another dating site, has a Facebook utility as well. The Stanford study cited above notes that a quarter of the people who met online already had some kind of social connection.Facebook would seem to present a way of overcoming many of the dating sites’ drawbacks — including the fact that a lot of them charge a fee — while offering almost as many benefits.Men often prefer to to do their date-fishing on Facebook because women are more open to approaches from guys who know somebody they know, even though “friend” has a very elastic meaning in the world of the big blue lower case F.

Since it launched Thursday, the site has racked up more than 4,930 members in search of Democratic Socialist baes. We know this not just because Barry Diller has bought into it (his IAC owns Match.com), but because all the most killer apps on the Internet have been about finding things, whether it’s old snowshoes on e Bay, the name of a good locksmith on Google or your exact brand of pornography on those weird sites you stumble across when you mistype a search term.

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Seniors are again especially notable in this regard, as 20% of those 65 and older now know someone who has entered into a serious relationship with someone they met via online dating.… continue reading »

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