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07-Oct-2017 11:19

Your Android phone pairs with your TV to work as your remote, which means you can do voice search on your TV.You can also push a website from your mobile browser up to display on the TV.Lastly, Google is offering a bunch of new mobile ad formats.That’s a lot of stuff, but some of it is particularly cool.The first TVs and Blu-ray players will come from Sony, then Logitech will offer a companion box to accompany existing setups. Google has also signed distribution partnerships with Dish and Best Buy.In a powerhouse Q&A with the CEOs of Google, Intel, Sony, Logitech, Dish, Best Buy and Adobe following the launch, Sony CEO Howard Stringer committed to bringing the device to market this fall in time for Christmas shopping.Adobe’s Kevin Lynch said VP8 will be included in Flash.Also on the video front, Clicker demoed a living room-ready version of its online TV guide, built with HTML 5.

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It’s also optimized App Engine to work with VMware’s (s vmw) Spring Source Java framework.

Apps built in the Spring framework will now run on App Engine, VMforce, Amazon’s (s amzn) Web Services and other clouds that support Java.

App Store for the Web: Google is putting together a directory of web apps called Chrome Web Store, though no launch date was specified.

New Tee Vee scooped this news more than a month ago, and has the full story today.

Mozilla and Opera are on board to support the new format, and You Tube is converting its entire catalog.

Google showed off a couple apps of its own — a video podcast directory and a translator that takes closed captions and brings them into another language.

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