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19-Nov-2017 23:55

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They only prevent the 12v coming in on one wire via the switch relay from going out to the other contact of the switch relay, and only go out on the third wire which goes to another relay which put 12v onto the motor.

The switch relay is controlled by the column lightswitch.

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On the 348, install your tail light LED, test, and if it doesn't light up simply switch the location of the two power/ground wire plugs that lead into light socket. If the problem is in the relay (an electrical problem as opposed to a mechanical problem), you can swap these two relays with each other and see if the problem switches to the other side.

1156 regular (also 12821 Phillips) for Front and Rear Turn Signals, Tail lights, Reverse lights, and Brake lights.

If you choose the LED ** versions, use the correct matching color (e.g.

Plug it all back up, put it back on your dash, tighten down your 2 phillips screws, and see if that solved your problem (verify that all dash bulbs/LEDs work).

Finally, apply liberal amounts of Stabilant 22ato the rotary ground disconnect switch that sits above your battery (as well as to your battery contacts themselves). Now start up your 348 and DO NOT TOUCH THE THROTTLE until after your engine has heated up enough to turn on your radiator fans.*thanks, Miltonian No Doubt says: Each headlight has a rubber stop in back.